• LED Flood Light

    Specialized industrial & commercial lights. Capacity available 15 – 200 W in stock. Other capacity on request.

  • Surface Round Decor

    Lights for decoration at home & office. Available in ready stock 6 W to 18 KW. Other capacity on request.

  • Slim round/ Square LED

    Decorate your home with our stylish LED lights. More light in less space. 3 W to 18 W for home & offices.

  • LED Concealed Light

    Specialized light for home & office. Available in one variant of 6 W. Other capacity on request.

  • Street Light

    Specialized light for Industrial uses. Available in large variants from 15 W to 200 W.

  • Tubelight – T5 Plastic

    Specialized light for home & office. Available in two variant of 18 W. Other capacity on request.


With the continuous development, we are much ahead than our competitors. Our lights are most bright light we commit. We are one of the largest supplier of bulbs for home & industrial use.

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