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About Fusion Power

We are working regularly to provide our customers the brightest light with minimum power consumption. We are manufacturing light for home & industrial uses. Many industrial projects has been lightened by lights of fusion power.The one thing which differs us from others is our quality. We provide the maximum illumination with minimum power consumption. We are globally recognized as a leading various type of LED lights. We combine our knowledge about consumers’ ever- changing needs with creativity and ground-breaking technologies. In doing so, we concentrate on the development of solutions that provide our customers with added value. We ensure sustained value creation by allowing our employees and shareholders to share our Company’s success

Brightest Lights

With our innovations, we have developed the lights brighter than ever in very low power consumption. It makes us more reliable than any others light.

Long Life

Our lights are unbreakable. We ensure our customer the long life of our lights. The long operational life time acts as a multiplier and helps achieve even more energy efficiency

Prompt Service

We have large numbers of distributes & service centers across the country for your service. If any problem persist, we are at your service immediately. You have to just make a call at our contact.

Maximum Power Saving

With an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs, LED payback comes less than a month.

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